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Stem Cells and PRF Therapy

Stem Cells for Dental Implants and Extractions

At AV Sierra Dental, we provide our patients with access to the most innovative dental technology available. This includes stem cell therapy. Our bodies are more likely to heal when the procedure involves natural elements. Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) is found in our blood, and the use of PRF has been proven to help patients heal faster with fewer complications after dental surgery and other procedures. We have been achieving remarkable results with it in our dental office. Learn more about the way stem cell dentistry works and how it can benefit you in Palmdale, California.

What is Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) in Stem Cell DentistryIllustration of PRF therapy

PRF is a substance that we extract from your blood. It is made entirely from your own cells, which means it is completely biocompatible with your body. Stem cell therapy and the use of PRF for dental procedures is an amazing, all-natural way to promote healing and recovery. The procedure could be something complex, like bone grafting, or something simple, like a single tooth extraction. Dentists even use PRF for tissue engineering to benefit some forms of oral surgeries.

Your own blood contains the elements that your body needs most when it is wounded. By extracting the PRF from your blood and then applying it directly to dental sites that require healing, we are putting your body’s natural healing properties to work. We often use PRF when extracting wisdom teeth or when we surgically install dental implants. The components of your blood, including stem cells, speed up the healing process and protect against infection. Extractions or dental implants using stem cells have been proven to heal faster and better than a wound that is left to heal on its own.


How is PRF Extracted From Your Body

For stem cell dentistry, we draw a small sample of your blood in a glass container. We then place that vial into a centrifuge which spins the blood at very high speeds for approximately ten minutes. Through the spinning process, the blood gets separated into three layers: plasma at the top, fibrin clot in the middle, and red blood cells at the bottom. The middle section is the PRF that we then put into your extraction or implant site.


What is PRF Made Up Of?

PRF is composed of different parts that each play a role in stem cell therapy.

  • Leukocytes. These are white blood cells, which are natural infection-fighting machines. 
  • Platelets. This type of blood cell forms blood clots. When you have a wound, you bleed, then a blood clot forms because of the platelets, and the bleeding stops.
  • Autologous fibrin. Fibrin is a protein that forms a mesh-like structure, which binds all the components of the clot together. This is very important for healing wounds.
  • Cytokines. These proteins have anti-inflammatory properties. Swelling, loss of function, increased temperature, redness, and pain are all signs of inflammation. Cytokines help in wound healing by fighting the symptoms of inflammation.
  • Stem cells. These cells can convert to any type of cell, which means they can become new bone cells, blood cells, or muscle tissue cells. The stem cells regenerate into whatever your body needs most to heal.


Benefits of Stem Cell Dentistry

​Why do we love PRF? Take a look at all the ways it can directly benefit you.

  • You’ll experience faster healing after we remove teeth or put in a dental implant.
  • There will be less pain after surgery.
  • Decreased swelling.
  • PRF reduces the risk of infection.
  • It speeds up the bonding of your bone to your new dental implant, and the new bone will be stronger.
  • You’ll have a decreased chance of dry socket after tooth extractions because it increases early blood supply to the tooth extraction socket.
  • PRF is completely natural.

We assure you that stem cell dentistry is very safe and convenient. You don’t have to worry about disease transmission because the blood is harvested from your own blood supply. We only need a small amount of blood, and it can be collected during a routine outpatient procedure.


How Much Does PRF Cost?

Most dental insurance plans do not cover the cost of PRF. However, PRF therapies alone are not too pricey. They usually cost between $300 and $700. This includes drawing blood, processing the blood, and the placement of the PRF into the surgical site. The actual cost will depend on the application and how much PRF is needed. Stem cell therapy is often just one aspect of a larger treatment.


Stem Cell Dentistry at AV Sierra Dental

PRF is trusted by pro athletes to aid in their recovery after injuries. You can experience the same amazing benefits right here in Palmdale, California. Our stem cell therapies can help you heal faster, so you can get back to work quickly after a dental procedure. You’ll also have less need for strong pain medication and anti-inflammatories following your dental surgery.

Any treatment you receive at AV Sierra Dental will be thoroughly explained to you beforehand. We get excited about breakthrough dental technology, but we are even more committed to maintaining good relationships with our patients. If you ever have any questions about stem cell dentistry, PRF, or any other dental procedure you think may benefit you, please let us know. Contact us to discuss PRF and stem cell therapy with one of our dentists or to book an appointment. We look forward to helping you get the smile you’ve always wanted!

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