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Tooth Extractions in Palmdale, CA

Pull Out the Pain at AV Sierra Dental

At AV Sierra Dental Center in Palmdale, CA, we understand that having a complete, natural smile is key to feeling confident in your daily life. We also know that circumstances may arise that require a patient to receive a routine or emergency tooth extraction in order to preserve their overall oral health.

Our licensed doctors perform hundreds of tooth removals every month. We will ensure you are well informed, cognizant of what is happening, and aware of what your choices are along the way. Our goal is to make every aspect of the procedure as stress-free and comfortable as possible. Call our Palmdale, CA office now to take advantage of our affordable tooth extractions.

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What Is a Tooth Extraction?

tooth extraction is a routine procedure performed by Dr. Oh and Dr. Sastiel, which may require any of the following steps:

  • X-rays to assess the location, size, and position of the tooth to be removed to help determine the extent of the procedure.
  • An assessment of the anesthesia and sedation options that will best serve your needs, allowing for a pain and worry-free experience.
  • The careful tooth removal often includes a bone-preserving graft.


When Does a Dentist Need to Pull a Tooth?

A surgical tooth extraction is performed only after all alternatives have been considered and ruled out. Situations that may lead to a dental extraction include:

  • Infection or risk of infection from severe decay
  • A tooth that is severely damaged from trauma
  • Impacted wisdom teeth
  • Overcrowded teeth

Tooth Extraction Aftercare and Healing

Simple dental extractions should take no more than a few days to heal. The goal is to let the pain subside enough to resume your normal activities. More involved extractions, such as an impacted wisdom tooth, can take a week or more to recover. After that time, the rest of the healing phase will go unnoticed. Some other factors that affect recovery time are preexisting medical conditions, the severity of infection, and following ideal postoperative instructions.

The following tips will help relieve discomfort and prevent infection after tooth removal:

  • Take pain relievers as prescribed or recommended.
  • Leave gauze in place for the recommended amount of time.
  • Apply ice for 10 minutes at a time to minimize swelling after the procedure.
  • Avoid rinsing, sucking, or spitting for six hours after the procedure.
  • After six hours, rinse your mouth with ½ teaspoon of salt and warm water.
  • Do not smoke.
  • Eat soft foods the day after the dental extraction; gradually add solid foods as the extraction site heals.
  • Avoid the extraction site when brushing your teeth.

There are a couple of options you have after your tooth removal, such as natural-looking, permanent implants that can give your smile a second chance. Our affordable tooth extractions are just what you need to take control of your pain.

Get Your Dental Extraction at AV Sierra

We are ready to take on whatever extractions you need. Our friendly staff will walk you through every step of the way. Schedule an appointment with our Palmdale, CA, dental office today. Call AV Sierra Dental Center at 661.202.3542 or visit us online. We are ready to relieve your pain!


Our oral surgeons have received advanced training in techniques that help ensure the conservation of bone and minimal post-operative pain. We will use ample amounts of a local anesthetic to ensure that you are nice and numb prior to removing the tooth. For those individuals that are anxious about the procedure, we can offer mild oral sedation to help calm your nerves and relax. Oftentimes, after dental extraction, patients will respond: “Wow! That wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.” or “You mean you already pulled out my tooth?”

You will experience some soreness after the procedure as the anesthetic wears off. However, you will be given a prescription for pain medication and possibly an antibiotic to manage any post-operative pain. Our skilled clinical team will also provide detailed post-operative instructions to help with the proper healing of the extraction site.



A dry socket occurs when a blood clot loosens from the extraction site. Blood clots form as a result of blood filling the extraction area. On occasion, the clot can break loose due to suction, brushing, or eating hard foods, to name a few.


You may find that your chewing capacity is temporarily diminished. Depending on the location of the tooth that is removed, it may impact the appearance of your smile. Don’t worry. Our office always recommends bone grafting when having a tooth removed. If a tooth is removed without bone grafting, the bone will shrink in that area. This may affect your facial structure and will impact the complexity of placing an implant in that area in the future. Now that the tooth is gone, other teeth could move, causing spacing and changes in your bite. Getting a tooth replacement is recommended to avoid these consequences.


It depends on the type of work you do. For work that does not involve a lot of speaking or strenuous activity, going to work the next day is often not a problem. For work that does involve a lot of speaking or strenuous activity, taking a few days off from work is recommended.


We make our affordable tooth extractions accessible to a wide range of financial situations. Your emergency tooth extraction cost depends on your individual dental insurance provider. Our friendly Palmdale, CA staff will help you find out if your extraction is covered or what additional financial solutions are available to you.

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