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HeatlthyStart Orthodontics

HealthyStart Orthodontics Available in Palmdale, California

Would you like to help your child’s teeth and jaw grow correctly, so your child can enjoy straight teeth throughout life? HealthyStart Orthodontics not only corrects the improper development of the jaw and dental arch in children, but it also opens up the airway to solve a number of sleep issues. AV Sierra Dental Center is proud to offer HealthyStart treatments as an option for children in the Palmdale, California area.

Children's Orthodontics

What is HealthyStart?

This innovative pediatric orthodontic treatment is designed to adjust children’s teeth and jaw without using braces. It is meant for children who are too young for braces, and it can prevent the need for braces later on. The flexible, customized appliances used in this treatment train the child’s jaw and teeth to develop properly, and they open up the airway, which prevents a number of other problematic issues, such as snoring, allergies, and mouth breathing.

HealthyStart works best between the ages of 4 and 10 because it is designed to guide the children’s teeth as they come in. The treatment length varies between children, but on average, it takes about two years. The appliance is removable and does not need to be worn all day.


What can HealthyStart children’s orthodontics treat?

This pediatric orthodontic treatment treats sleep-disordered breathing (SDB). SDB results from the improper development of a child’s jaw and dental arches. Symptoms of SDB include:

  •     Snoring
  •     Mouth breathing
  •     Nightmares
  •     Restless sleep
  •     Talking during sleep
  •     Bedwetting
  •     Tooth grinding
  •     Daytime sleepiness
  •     Irritability
  •     Hyperactivity
  •     Difficulty focusing
  •     ADD/ADHD
  •     Difficulty performing well in school
  •     Allergies
  •     Swollen tonsils
  •     Crowded teeth
  •     Overbite
  •     Speech problems

The HealthyStart children’s orthodontic treatment promotes nasal breathing, straightens teeth, corrects tongue thrust, and helps the jaw and airway develop correctly. It will correct certain dental problems, such as overbite, overjet, crossbite, open bite, crowded teeth, crooked teeth, and a gummy smile. It also works to eliminate oral habits like thumb-sucking.

You may have had difficulty finding solutions to your child’s SDB symptoms. HealthyStart is a safe, non-invasive treatment that fixes the root of the problems.


Is My Child a Candidate for HealthyStart?

If you are wondering whether your child could benefit from the HealthyStart system, you can schedule a consultation at AV Sierra Dental Center. You may consider this children’s orthodontic treatment if your child has one or more of the following symptoms:

  •     Headaches
  •     Mouth breathing
  •     Speech problems
  •     Insomnia
  •     Teeth grinding
  •     Snoring
  •     Bedwetting 
  •     Behavior or mood issues
  •     Daytime fatigue
  •     Chronic allergies
  •     Crooked teeth

If your child has one or more of the above symptoms, they could be a result of something other than SDB. Your dentist and your healthcare provider can help determine the cause of your child’s symptoms.


Benefits of Pediatric Orthodontic Treatment

As the comfortable, customized appliances work to open up the child’s airways and develop the jaw correctly, a multitude of benefits result. Your child will be able to get better sleep, which can result in improved behavior, increased focus, and improved performance at school. Teeth will be trained to grow in straight. If your child has any symptoms of SDB, HealthyStart improves or eliminates those issues.


Cost of HealthyStart Treatment

Many dental insurance plans include a benefit for pediatric orthodontic treatment, so HealthyStart could be quite affordable for you. Contact us with specific pricing questions.


Where Can You Get HealthyStart Treatment in Palmdale, California?

AV Sierra Dental Center is happy to offer HealthyStart to children who can benefit from it. We are a family dentistry serving children and adults of all ages. All our services and treatments are accompanied by compassionate, professional care from the entire staff. Contact our Palmdale, CA, dental office if you have any questions about HealthyStart pediatric orthodontic appliances or if you would like to schedule a consultation.

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