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General Dentistry in Palmdale

When you see or hear the terms “general dentistry” and “general dentist,” you may find yourself wondering, “How does a general dentist differ from other oral-health professionals?” or “Do I need to see a general dentist regularly?” The answers to these questions are vital in helping you make the best decisions about your oral health care—contact AV Sierra Dental Center for quality general dentistry in Palmdale and answers to any of your questions.

What Are General Dentistry Services?

Like a primary healthcare provider, a general dentist is the primary dental care provider for patients of all ages. They care for your oral health and diagnose, treat, and manage the services required to meet your dental needs.

We work hard to form long-term, trust-based relationships with you by getting to know your lifestyle, oral health history, and goals. We then implement and oversee a personalized dental treatment plan that helps you meet those goals. Most dental treatment plans employ a variety of our general dentistry services as needed.

What Services Fall Under the General Dentistry Care?

Regular visits with general dentists will help you maintain good oral hygiene and prevent and detect severe oral health issues, like gum disease, tooth decay, and oral cancer.

Our dental services include a wide range of preventive and restorative options that we perform in our state-of-the-art dental facility. We design these treatments for patients of all ages. Services include:

Digital X-rays

We are proud to offer the latest technology in dental care, including digital X-rays. These advanced X-rays provide many benefits over traditional film X-rays, including reduced radiation exposure, faster and more comfortable appointments, and a more precise look at oral health. They are also environmentally friendly since they don’t require any toxic chemicals to develop. So, contact us today if you’re looking for state-of-the-art dentistry that genuinely puts your health first.

Dental Fillings

We can use fillings to repair damage caused by cavities or other injuries by replacing the damaged part of the tooth with a filling made of various materials like amalgam, composite resin, or gold. With proper oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups, dental fillings can help maintain healthy teeth and a bright smile for years.

Inlays and Onlays

Inlays and onlays are two exceptional methods to treat teeth with moderate-to-severe decay or damage. We fit these custom-made pieces into the damaged areas of the teeth. They are similar to dental fillings but offer greater strength and stability. With inlays and onlays, patients can significantly improve their oral health and restore their teeth to a natural appearance. Not only do these treatments provide structural support to weakened teeth, but they are also designed to match the color and contour of one’s natural teeth.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer is one of the most severe forms of cancer, and early detection is crucial for successful treatment. That’s why regular oral cancer screenings are so important. During screening, your dentist will thoroughly examine your mouth for any signs of cancer or precancerous conditions. This can include checking your tongue, gums, cheeks, and throat for abnormal lumps or bumps. The screening is quick and painless and could potentially save your life. It’s a simple step but one that could have a significant impact on your health and well-being.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy can be a lifesaver for teeth with damaged or infected pulp. During the procedure, the dentist removes the affected tissue, cleans and shapes the inside of the root canal, and then fills and seals the space. 


Dental sealants are a great way to prevent cavities. They work by creating a protective layer over your teeth, preventing bacteria and debris from getting caught inside the crevices.

Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions are often necessary to alleviate pain, prevent infection, and improve the overall health of your mouth. While the idea of removing a tooth can be daunting, it is a standard dental procedure that most of us will encounter at some point in our lives. Whether you need a tooth removal due to decay, overcrowding, or orthodontic treatment, our team is here to guide you through the process and provide you with the best possible care.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are usually the last teeth to develop and emerge in your mouth. However, not everyone has enough space in their mouths for these teeth to grow properly, causing them to become impacted or stuck beneath the gum line. If wisdom teeth are not extracted, they can lead to pain, infection, and damage to surrounding teeth and gums.

TMD/TMJ Therapy

 If you’ve ever experienced clicking or popping in your jaw, difficulty chewing, or even headaches, you may have heard of TMD or TMJ. These disorders refer to issues with the temporomandibular joint, which connects the jawbone to the skull. Thankfully, there are options for TMD/TMJ therapy that can help alleviate the discomfort and improve your overall function. These therapies may include everything from lifestyle changes and exercises to medication and even surgery in extreme cases. With the right treatment plan and guidance from us, you can get back to enjoying all your favorite foods and activities with ease.

What Can I Expect At an Appointment?

Going to the dentist might not be everybody’s favorite thing to do, but it’s crucial for maintaining good oral health. You can expect these steps when you visit us for your next dental check-up. Don’t hesitate to ask us questions or voice any concerns; we’re here to help you keep your smile healthy and beautiful.

Step 1: Oral Examination

The first step of your general dentistry appointment will be the oral examination. Your dentist will inspect your mouth, teeth, gums, and tongue to check for signs of decay, inflammation, infection, or cancer. Your dentist might also use special tools, lights, and X-rays to examine your teeth more closely.

Step 2: Teeth Cleaning

After the examination, your dentist or dental hygienist will clean your teeth. They will use special tools to remove plaque, tartar, and stains and polish your teeth to make them shine. Teeth cleaning is essential to maintaining good oral health, as it helps prevent cavities, gum disease, bad breath, and other dental issues.

Step 3: Treatment and Counseling

If your dentist detects any dental problems during your appointment, they will discuss the treatment options. Treatment might include fillings, root canals, extractions, braces, or other procedures. Your dentist will explain the benefits and risks of each option and help you make an informed decision. They might also advise you on improving your oral hygiene habits, such as brushing and flossing techniques, and lifestyle habits, such as avoiding tobacco and sugary foods.

Step 4: Follow-Up and Scheduling

Before you leave your general dentistry appointment, your dentist or receptionist will schedule your next appointment. Depending on your oral health needs, you might need to come back for a follow-up appointment in a few weeks, months, or years. Your dentist will also give you instructions on taking care of your teeth and gums until your next appointment.


What are some common dental issues a general dentist addresses?

We address everything from periodontal disease to root canals to missing teeth. We can also address cosmetic concerns with services such as teeth whitening and veneers.

Why do I need a general dentist?

Regularly seeing a general dentist will help you maintain good oral health and detect any potential problems before they become serious. 

How often should I see a general dentist?

Scheduling a check-up and cleaning at least twice a year is recommended. Your dentist will let you know if you need additional appointments or treatments.

What causes tooth cavities?

Many things can cause cavities, including diet and poor dental hygiene, that allow plaque and bacteria to build in the mouth. Scheduling regular check-ups will ensure that tooth decay is caught in its earliest stages and addressed or avoided altogether.

General Dentistry in Palmdale

Many people feel nervous about visiting the dentist, but we ensure our patients feel comfortable when they visit us. General dentistry appointments might not be everybody’s favorite pastime, but they are necessary to maintain good oral health. 

If you are looking for general dentistry in Palmdale, CA, contact us today at AV Sierra Dental Center. You can call 661.202.3542 or request an appointment online. Dr. Jason Oh, Dr. Shanne Sastiel, Dr. Michael Tran, Dr. Catherine Vu, Dr. Jacob Hanseen, and their team look forward to serving you and your family!


We address everything from periodontal disease to root canals to missing teeth. We can also address cosmetic concerns with services such as teeth whitening and veneers.



Seeing a general dentist regularly will help you maintain good oral health, as well as detect any potential problems before they become serious.


Scheduling a checkup and cleaning at least twice a year is recommended. Dr. Oh or your dentist will let you know if you need additional appointments or treatments.



Cavities are caused by tooth decay that goes unnoticed. Scheduling regular checkups will ensure that tooth decay is caught in its earliest stages and addressed or avoided altogether.


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