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Professional Zoom Teeth Whitening in Palmdale, CA

Look Younger and Healthier with a Whiter Smile!

Food, drink, and age can leave stains on your teeth, making you feel uncomfortable with your smile. While your teeth can be very healthy below the surface, stains can make you look older and your smile appear less vibrant. Fortunately, there is a solution!


At AV Sierra Dental Center in Palmdale, California, we offer prescription-strength teeth whitening options to help you achieve the smile you want and deserve. Our clinical team has years of experience whitening our patients’ teeth with expert care. We can also leverage our knowledge of special tips and tricks to give you the brightest smile possible. With a quick and easy 2-hour in-office appointment, we can have your smile looking whiter, brighter, and younger. Our professional teeth whitening sessions are also a great way to prep for special occasions, such as holidays, weddings, and graduations. Feel the difference that so many of our Palmdale, CA patients have experienced with a brighter smile by calling our office at 661.202.3542 or scheduling an appointment online today!

What Causes Teeth to Stain?

There are two types of tooth stains: extrinsic and intrinsic.

Extrinsic stains are located on the surface of the tooth and appear yellow or brown. These stains are usually caused by tobacco use or regularly drinking coffee, tea, wine, or soft drinks. Intrinsic stains are located on the inside of your teeth and appear gray or blue. They are the result of stain-causing agents invading through the exterior of your teeth and accumulating within your enamel. Excessive fluoride use can also cause intrinsic staining.

Some surface stains can be lightened or brightened with over-the-counter whitening options or whitening toothpaste. These products, however, can have disappointing results. Many can even be painful or cause sensitivity in teeth or gums. For a deeper cleaning or for people with sensitive mouths, we recommend our prescription-strength, professional-grade teeth whitening solutions.


Our Professional Teeth Whitening Options in Palmdale, CA

Our Palmdale, California dentists offer cosmetic whitening options that can help quickly lighten and brighten teeth by eight to 14 shades. We have two options available for our patients. These two dental whitening options are:


In-Office Professional Teeth Whitening

Our in-house ZOOM! Whitening teeth bleaching solution is applied during your office visit. This teeth-bleaching gel is used with a whitening lamp to accelerate the process. The treatment is approximately 60 minutes, and results are visible immediately after treatment.


At-Home Teeth Whitening

Our dentists can also provide a teeth whitening gel and a mouthguard specifically customized to your bite for you to use in the comfort and privacy of your home. Results from our home whitening solution take longer (usually 10 to 14 days) than our in-office solution. However, some patients prefer this solution as they can complete it at their convenience.


Our Professional Teeth Whitening Products

We use the following teeth-bleaching systems to help you achieve a bright, white smile:


ZOOM! Whitening:

This is a whitening procedure that takes less than an hour, meaning it requires just a single visit and provides results that are equal to 10 to 14-day at-home systems. Dr. Oh applies the ZOOM! teeth bleaching gel to your teeth and uses the ZOOM! light to help the gel penetrate deep stains.


Boost Whitening:

Opalescence Boost is chemically activated, meaning it doesn’t require a light or laser to whiten smiles. This safe and effective treatment offers excellent in-office dental whitening results in less than an hour.

Ready to Brighten Your Smile?

Find the confidence to smile proudly again by taking advantage of our dental whitening solutions. Call AV Sierra Dental Center at 661.202.3542 to schedule a teeth whitening consultation with our Palmdale, California dental office today!


The cost of your whitening will vary according to the type of treatment you are receiving and the depth of your stains. At AV Sierra Dental Center, we will work with you to find an affordable dental whitening treatment that is best for you and your budget.


The longevity of your whitening results depends greatly on how well you care for your teeth after the treatment, as well as on how often you indulge in foods and drinks that cause stains. Dental whitening results can begin to fade immediately after your first meal or beverage. That’s why we include whitening trays and gels with our in-office whitening to help with maintenance. Certain habits, like smoking, wine, coffee, and tea, will stain your teeth and therefore require more frequent whitening. Your teeth whitening results will also depend on how white you want your teeth. A shade of super bright white will require multiple sessions and consistent maintenance. Your dental whitening results can last anywhere from several months to three years.
It is best to do your dental whitening sessions in moderation. Some patients may find their gums and teeth may become sensitive during treatments. Extra fluoride (special gels/rinses) use will help minimize this sensitivity.
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